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Worked as a Marketing Designer for the Customer Success Organization. Helped to develop and create infographics, newsletters, PDFs, presentation decks, and logos for our outward-facing customers.

Acceleration Plan Infographic

Designed and edited two versions to show our customers the steps of our acceleration plan start to finish. 

Global Product Support Logo

Entered in a design contest to create a logo for the new GAP team within the global product support branch of Autodesk. Developed this logo to show the idea of closing the gap and creating a connecting bridge for new ideas and teams to work together through.

Customer Success Organization Logo

Was asked to design a logo by one of the heads of Customer Success to demonstrate their new branch. 

Trivia Event Logo for Customer Success Organization

Created the newsletter logo that was sent out to over a 1000 employees to participate in the yearly trivia game.

Guidelines for
Lunch and Learn 

Put on the Autodesk website for premium customers to see the new launch of the Lunch and Learn program being offered.

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