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The Humane Society

UI/UX Design

Problem Space

The Humane Society is a renowned nonprofit organization, that helps the lives of thousands of animals yearly. Due to a lack of transparency and scattered information they share, donors aren't trusting their work as much. Overall, leading to a lack of funding for this vital organization.

Secondary Research

Rating Decrease

The HSUS has dropped 2 out of 4 stars on 

Charity Navigator since 2017


Of private funding

The HSUS is funded almost entirely by contributions and grants

29% of total funds

Allocated  Fundraising

The HSUS uses almost a third of their funds towards fundraising

<50% of total funds

Used on programs

The budget towards programs of the HSUS declines from 74% after the cost of fundraising is factored in

Primary Research

We collected some valuable insights from our interviews and designed our affinity map. We synthesized the themes and came up with insight statements for each theme. Then, we picked the most compelling theme which was "transparency".


provide transparency within The Humane Society organization in order to gain the trust of new and existing donors?

UI Inspiration

Elements and Components

Persistent app bar

Tile layouts

Distinct buttons

Category cards

Clear iconography

Progress bars

Look and Feel







Sketching and Wireframing

We reviewed and voted on our sketches as a team then translated the design into simple wireframes.



Final Prototype

General Overview:

Across six testers, while tasks were largely completed (40/42), the completion of the tasks involved friction and confusion. User-testing helped specify our design goals.

Key Learnings

More research on what non-profit
'transparency' means to users would have been helpful earlier on (use of money, human resources, etc)

Information architecture leading
users between correlating pages were a weak link

Next Steps

Incorporating more varieties of
transparency into the design


Consolidating related pages, and
improving access to expanded

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